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“I’m good at getting white people to talk about racism. I have come to believe that we will never be able to create just and equitable communities without addressing the deep legacy of racism in the United States; and that I and other white people have a unique responsibility in this work. That’s why I wrote The Education of a White Parent: Wrestling with Race and Opportunity in the Boston Public Schools, and continue to educate about the role and value of white people taking on racism.”

Susan has worked for and with many community-based organizations in Boston, in the capacity of staff, volunteer, board member and leader. She has served in leadership roles in national community development organizations, launching new programs, creating new accountability and outcome measurement systems, and building local capacity to strengthen low income communities. For detailed CV, click here.
My approach to training draws on the expertise in the room, along with bringing new resources and skills to participants. Half-day, full-day or workshop series can be designed to meet your needs. If you want new learning to stick, let’s discuss how to tie it to longer-term support.

I can help you launch new projects, employ new tools, establish new structures and systems to move your work.
I can provide one-on-one support to individual leaders, staff, volunteers, constituents and teams, designed in collaboration with you around what your group wants to achieve.


community building and program development

o building collaborations and partnership to address community priorities

o creating welcoming events and environments for all people

o working effectively across diversity

o designing participatory decision-making processes

racial equity and cross-cultural collaboration

o how we can work across race and other differences

o how race and privilege influence parent interactions with schools

o how institutional racism impacts our work in communities

education reform organizing

o strategy development

o cross-sector collaborations

o diversifying parent engagement in your school

for community developers:

o Public school reform organizing 101

for schools, school leaders & policy makers:

o Better results through inclusive decision-making

for parents & community groups:

o Understanding school budgets and decision-making

 organizational systems

o creating organizational structures that bring out the best in staff and volunteers

o building collaborations and partnerships to address community priorities

o designing participatory decision-making processes

o documenting results