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This is one way to know that they're taking your training on cultural proficiency and implicit bias seriously. Thanks to Mayor Dolan of Melrose for investing in his staff to better work with a "changing" community.

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Jun 24th 6:41pm • 1 Comment

That's my senator!

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren

Speaker Paul Ryan shut off the cameras so you can't watch, but American hero John Lewis and Congresswoman Katherine Clark are leading a sit-in on the floor of the House for a vote on gun violence legislation. There is nowhere I'd rather spend my birthday than sitting by their side, in solidarity with the entire Massachusetts delegation. The House Republicans may think they can run from a vote for common-sense gun measures, but they can’t hide.

Jun 24th 12:30am • No Comments

Are you wondering why the debate in Congress about gun control has not included BANNING ASSAULT WEAPONS? To me, this is the most important move Congress can take right now. If you agree, sign this petition.

Tell Democratic leadership: Force a vote on banning assault weapons


The availability of assault weapons is a public emergency and security crisis. Republicans are too deep in the grip of the NRA, but Democrats have the power to force this issue and make it their absolute top priority. Now is the time to do exactly that.

Jun 22nd 6:44pm • No Comments

Susan Naimark provides consulting services to grassroots groups, nonprofit organizations, public school parent groups, schools and other public agencies.
My focus is on creating bridges between the different worlds in which I have been deeply involved: public schools, community development organizations, advocacy and organizing groups.
My work helps people develop the skills, relationships, and understanding that enable them to work together to build equitable communities with renewed energy, motivation and hope.


  • training
  • technical assistance
  • supporting leaders, staff, volunteers and constituents


  • community building
  • program development
  • building racial equity
  • cross-cultural collaboration
  • education reform organizing
  • organizational systems to support volunteers and community partnerships
  • participatory decision-making processes