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The Power of Possibility

I am honored to be part of a number of other efforts to awaken new possibilities for

racial justice in this country. I am excited to have been invited to help shape

NeighborWorks America’s new Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. I am

hopeful that Community Change Inc. in Boston has recently brought together under its’

banner several dynamic racial justice organizing efforts that engage white people,

including an anti-racism meetup and local chapter of Showing up for Racial

Justice (SURJ) .  I have hope when my graduate students, teachers-in-training, share with

me feedback like this:

“I look forward to Mondays because of your class! At the beginning of the semester I was

a bit nervous because talking about race has always been uncomfortable for me. As the

semester has gone on I feel myself talking about issues in social settings that I never

would have had any knowledge about prior to this class.”


“In the beginning, I was very skeptical of what we would discuss. This is because I was

accustomed to race being such a hot-button issue in American society. However I am

very pleased with what we have discussed in class, and feel like we are really unpacking

some of the fundamental issues that require awareness in America, especially as