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My workshops include such topics as: Community Building Across Differences, Cultural Proficiency, Understanding Implicit Bias, Exploring the Crossroads of Community Development and Public Schools, and Values and Conflicts in Community Organizing.

“Susan was extremely knowledgeable and relatable. She did an excellent job challenging our ways of thinking in new and interesting ways.”

“Exceptionally knowledgeable and compassionate”

“Your workshop is a great foundation for understanding and talking about culture.  Thank you!”

 “Susan [led] an excellent session. People [on our staff] thought it was really thought-provoking, and it got them thinking about a lot of more general issues about race and relationships … Your session helped people feel more comfortable and less unsure of what it would be like to participate in other discussions involving race. THANK YOU THANK YOU.  I am eager to host more events like this, and encourage others to do the same for their staffs.  It can make a real difference.”

– Karen Wiener, Deputy Director, Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association

My trainings with school leaders, staff, and teachers-in-training have launched critical conversations and changes in practices that more effectively support students of color, most often left behind by our current educational systems.

“I learned so much from this class. You really have a way of putting things in perspective without offending anyone. The environment felt safe and inviting. Keep it up!”