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My Approach

Key to my approach is looking at the ways that history, community context, white privilege, and our unconscious biases perpetuate social inequities.

“I learned so much from this class. You really have a way of putting things in perspective without offending anyone. The environment felt safe and inviting. Keep it up!”

“The awareness of systemic racism in housing and educational policies, especially, was very eye-opening to me. … I am ready to make more nuanced observations and ask more challenging questions that I would have without the influence of [this class]. I really appreciate the honesty and authenticity in how you shared your experiences. … I appreciate that you did not sugarcoat it.  There is a power in approaching something that way and still choosing to go forward.  Thank you for your time and insight…I know it will continue to serve me as I go forward!

– Stephanie, UMass student (fall 2015)