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Do you really want to go there?

That was the reaction of some community development organizations to NeighborWorks America’s newly launched Race, Ethnicity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. Yet, there is also a tremendous amount of good will among community development leaders and staff who recognize the need for, and value of, addressing issues of equity and inclusion head-on. Most agree these issues are critical in the face of stark racial disparities in wealth, continuing discriminatory lending practices, and changing demographics of communities across the U.S. I am pleased to have been selected by NeighborWorks America, along with colleague Barbara Cheives, to help move this initiative forward. We are beginning to compile resources specific to community-based development organizations, recognizing that such organizations must addresses challenges at the individual, organizational and community level. Such change starts with understanding where you are now. Here are a couple of tools for organizational self-assessment that we find most useful for community development organizations.